Turbotax fees taken out of refund

Turbotax fees taken out of refund ** auto deposited into my bank. Thomas explains the option essentially amounts to TurboTax giving users a short-term loan with a high interest rate while their refund …Find out about my **** taxes that were filed with turbo tax. We all knew that RALs (which TurboTax does NOT offer) would be impacted, but did not believe that refund transfers (paying your fees from your tax refund) would also. My refund was supposed to be $*,***. I looked at my return on the IRS website & it showed exactly what I had filed. In **** Turbo tax took out fees from my return but they had already taken out the fees. I filed my taxes under the free turbo tax and there was a fee taken out of my refTurboTax, especially, has caused filers frustrations with what customers say are “deceptive” practices. . Free Tax Filing with TurboTax Absolute Zero Category: Filing Taxes Tags: 2017 Diana… I’m glad you picked up on the fact that not all facts were available to the tax community until almost the end of the season. The check limit at Walmart in Connecticut is $2,500 and Florida is $2,000. For some, though, the Refund Processing Service isn’t about enabling laziness — it’s about targeting people who don’t have the money on hand to pay TurboTax for doing their taxes. If you use the software and deduct the cost of filing from your refund, you’ll be charged a $39. ** After the TurboTax Intuit & Auto Defense fees were taken out, the total was $*,*(something). 29/04/2008 · Has anyone who used turbo tax and had your prep fees taken out of your refund received a rebate by dd? I have read that we are suppose to receive a check if we did this, but after calling the irs twice I have received two different answers. Fees and limitations apply. There has only been $***. 99 Refund Processing Fee, on top of whatever TurboTax is charging to file your taxes. I guess i will wait on hold for another hour and go for two out of three! Just spoke with another representative and she said that I should receive it by 01/05/2008 · No, you will get a paper checksince you had your tax preparer deduct the fees from your refund, the tax preparer had IRS direct deposit your refund to their account and just deposited the …San Francisco, CA: A federal consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed in California against Inuit – the makers of TurboTax - alleging the online version charges illegal and exorbitant 6 Customer must obtain a Refund Transfer (separate fees apply). Currently, check cashing at Walmart is not available in NJ, NY and RI. This information was clarified by the IRS on May 7, 2008. I haven't received anything from TurboTax or IRS that something was wrong What Are The Fees For Turbotax what are the fees for turbotax If you do not pay that $35 today with your credit/debit card, and instead elect to have it taken out of your refund, you will pay an ADDITIONAL $35 fee for the convenience, for a total of $70 Its sneaky Turbotax fees taken out of refund